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CMS Features

Content Management System Features

The Website Baker (WB) Content Management System is easy to understand and to use and it has many good features. These include:

  • Templates
    A template provides the overall formatting for the pages. This includes the layout (e.g. the header and the number of columns), the colors and some graphic elements.
  • Special Page Sections
    The system provides specialized page sections for:
    • Text and graphics
    • News / blog
    • FAQ (Frequenctly Asked Questions)
    • Picture Galleries
    • Embedding other Web Pages (wrapper)
    • Downloads
    • and a number of other types.

You can use a single type on a page or you can combine them. This is more than just formatting. Each type does specialized processing to provide the function and to make it easy to use.  

  • Easy Management of Pictures and Other Files 
    The system provides an easy upload and storage for pictures, graphics and documents. These can be easily inserted into pages where you need them.
  • Users, Groups and Login Control
    You can define groups and create user id's within each group. A group defines the type of access that its users are allowed to have. This access may be restricted to certain pages, and it can range from read only to full administrator capability. Pages default to public access but you can have private pages that require a login. 



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