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Web Design

Web Sites for Small Businesses, Clubs and Entrpreneurs
 builds web sites that are affordable, provide a pleasing appearance and have a lot of function. They allow you, the website owner, to maintain it yourself. A Content Management System (CMS) is the way to achieve this.

A CMS is a system that uses pre-defined templates for the page formats and a wide range of built-in functions. There is a friendly user interface for adding and changing the site content. It no longer makes sense to build a web site from scratch and pay a web designer to do updates for you. Using a CMS gives the Web Designer a huge head-start in building the system and provides you with a professional system at a very reasonable price.  

 uses a CMS called Website Baker. It is open-source (free), widely used and very reliable. It is very easy to understand and to use, even for non-technical people. To get the full picture, start with the first link below.    






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Linux Servers
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