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Context Editor

Customized Setup For PHP
Context is a good editor that has "highlighters" available for many languages, including PHP. I have provided links at the end of this page to download two additional PHP highlighters that can be used. The last one is my custom version.

You can customize Context through the highlighters and also through the Environment Options. I suggest the following setup for use with PHP:

Go to "Options - Environment Options"

  • Execute Keys F9:
    Set this up to save the current version of the code to the CS-RCS repository (which you should setup first.
    Execute: CSRCS
    Parameters: checkin %n
  • Execute Keys F10:
    Set this up to be able to view what is in the CS-RCS Repository.
    Execute: CSRCS
    Parameters: history %n
  • Execute Keys F11:
    You can use this to link to MySQL documentation. In the execute box, put the address of your (local) copy of the documentation. 
  • Execute Keys F12:
    You can use the PHP parser to check your code for errors within Context. To set it up:
    Execute: address for php.exe (e.g. C:\Development\EasyPHP2.0b1\php5\php.exe)
    Start in: %p
    Parameters: -q -l %n
    Check boxes: Check the box for "capture console output" and "scroll console to the last line".

Go to "Tools - Miscellaneous"

  • You can associate a help file with a particular file type. Double-click on the highlighter that you are using for PHP and then locate and select the PHP help file (which you downloaded and stored locally). To open the help file from Context, press F1.

Context Highlighters
Context has a built-in PHP highlighter. This provides you with two more options:

  • php-html - This will show up in the highlighter list as php-html
  • php-html2 - This will show up in the highlighter list as Total PHP + HTML. This is my custom highlighter. It is somewhat more colorful than the other ones and it has some extra function names for my environment (that will just be ignored if you don't have them).  



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