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VDE 1.0 (Virtual Desktop Enhancer)downloads: 182 | type: zip | size: 21 MB

VDE 1.0 is a Windows 10 (and 11?) utility to support multiple virtual desktops. The download link above is for the complete version. At the end of this page, you can download a smaller version that only has a few Themes included.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Windows 10 (and 11) supports the ability to have multiple desktops. This is similar to having multiple physical screens with different applications open on each one however; in the virtual version, there is one physical screen but you can switch back and forth between the virtual desktops using a special combination of keys (or a few other ways). 

VDE adds additional features on top of the basic Windows capabilities. Virtual Desktops are very useful if you tend to have multiple applications open at the same time and you want to be able to easily switch back and forth. It helps you to avoid having one cluttered desktop. I find it useful to group applications on each of the desktops: personal stuff on one; business stuff on one or more of the other desktops.

VDE Features

  • Supports up to 10 virtual desktops (the standard supplied setup is for 4)
  • Each virtual desktop can have it's own wallpaper
  • When you switch to a new desktop, there is a popup with the desktop name/number
  • You can move a window / application from once desktop to another 
  • VDE provides the ability to use Themes. A Theme is a collection of Desktop definitions where the wallpaper for each of them can use a common theme. As an example, In the supplied Themes, there are a couple of beach themes, an astro theme and a couple of wood themes.
  • You get the opportunity to select a theme when the program starts up. You can change it at any time. Your desktop can be a reflection of your mood and can provide you with some visual variety.
  •  VDE allows you to specify dark mode or normal mode for each Theme. Normal mode has a white background for all of the Windows that are opened. Dark Mode uses a black background for the windows and some other elements of the desktop.

Thus, customization and increased clarity (ie knowing what desktop you have switched to) are two of the key benefits of VDE. 

This program is freeware but feel free to make a donation:

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VDE 1.0 (Smaller Download)downloads: 169 | type: zip | size: 7 MB
VDE 1.0 Optional Themesdownloads: 168 | type: zip | size: 14 MB

 This has the additional Themes that aren't included with the Smaller Download version.


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