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Downloads (PHP)

PHP (Web Development) Utilities
Array Rows To Columnsdownloads: 192 | type: zip | size: 2 kB

Makes it easy to sort 2D arrays by multiple keys.

Desktop Writedownloads: 188 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

Create output files in Excel, Word and other formats.

Dynatextdownloads: 190 | type: zip | size: 10 kB

Create shadowed headers and other text on a transparent background dynamically from your program. A key difference from just echo'ing some text is that you provide the font so you aren't dependent on what fonts are on the user's system.

Dynatext Fontsdownloads: 170 | type: zip | size: 183 kB

 The fonts files to use with Dynatext.

HTML2PDFdownloads: 172 | type: zip | size: 873 kB

Create a PDF file from a PHP program using html output. Allows you to convert existing screen displays to PDF. Easy to setup and use.

Libmaildownloads: 171 | type: zip | size: 15 kB

This adds support for sending emails from a PHP program.   


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