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Project Management for Small Business

Posted by Chris (chris) on Sep 18 2010
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If you are running your own business and you need to track your activities, a simple Project Management system provides more capabilities than just putting things in your Calendar. If you do software development, develop websites or other types of project-related activities then a simple project management system can provide benefits to keep your business organized. It may take a bit more work than writing on sticky notes but the end result should be worth it.


I looked at various simple PM systems more than a year ago and this one seemed to be a reasonable compromise between simplicity and adequate capabilities. My intent was to keep track of systems, software changes and client projects. The organization of the system is based on Projects, People and Companies. Under a project you can add tasks and they can be categorized a number of different ways (e.g. bug versus task). The tasks are mostly independent text descriptions of the activities. Compared to a more advance system like Microsoft Project, it doesn't provide the ability to link tasks together, show dependencies and so forth. It does provide some ability to track work so you can keep track of time spent (even though it isn't too flexible). You should also note that there doesn't seem to beany continuing development of this system. That seems to have ended in 2006 or 2007.


I recently discovered this system and I am now trying it out as a possible replacement for the Streber system. It has a friendlier interface and seems to be more flexible than the Streber system. This one is still being actively developed.


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